PMM contains 58-62% solids, compared to conventional coal tar and coal tar fortified sealers which contain 40-43% solids. -Unlike coal tar and coal tar fortified sealers that are diluted with up to 50% water, PMM’s unique asphalt formulation allows for application at full strength without dilution. PMM is job mixed with specially graded aggregate to ensure durability. The main component of your driveway is asphalt, why seal with anything else?



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The new U.S.G.S. study compared house dust from 23 ground-floor apartments in Austin — 11 with coal tar-sealed parking lots and 12 coated with other substances, or not sealed at all. The study found that dust in the apartments next to the coal-tar-sealed lots had PAH pollution levels 25 times higher, on average, than the other lots. More than half the apartments with the coal tar-sealed lots contained dust with levels of PAHsthat would increase the risk of cancer if ingested by preschoolers, The researchers said. They came to this conclusion by comparing their results to a 2008 study that estimated those risks based on lab tests on animals. The increased risk means one additional child in 10,000 would develop cancer if exposed to that level of toxins over a lifetime.

PMM sealant that has little to NO tracking

Coal Tar that tracked all over striped white lines


Our preferred sealing product is an environmentally friendly asphalt emulsion instead of coaltar 

How toxic coal tar sealants end up in waterways and kill fish and other living organisiums.

~~ 14 states/districts with known coal tar restrictions within the boundaries of the state: •Texas •Wisconsin •New York •Massachusetts •District of Columbia •Michigan •North Carolina •Washington •California •Kansas •Illinois •Maryland •Minnesota •Missouri


~~For more information on coal tar bans, go the the official website:

Below are photos taken the same day of a Parking Lot a competitor  sealed in coal tar and striped VS. the Parking Lot we sealed in PMM and striped.

US Coal Tar Sealant Bans & Government Restrictions This map shows jurisdictions within the United States that have passed a coal tar sealant ban or have some kind of government use restriction. By Coal Tar Free America.

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Asphalt Maintenance & Repair is one of the largest applicators of a safe "Enviromentally Friendly" seal coat product called PMM or Polymer-Modified Master Seal.

Coal Tar Tracking

Chemicals in a cancer-causing substance used to seal pavement, parking lots and driveways across the U.S. are showing up at alarming levels in dust in homes, prompting concerns about the potential health effects of long-term exposure of coal tar dust.

Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey say the coal tar sealant — one of two types commonly used in the U.S. — doesn’t stay put. It slowly wears off and is tracked into homes on the shoes of residents. .The USGS study, which found high levels of chemicals used in the sealant in house dust, marks the first time researchers have raised alarms about potential health effects for humans — especially young children — from the parking-lot coatings. Taken with previous studies indicating that the chemicals contaminate waterways, where they have been shown to harm insects and tadpoles, the finding raises serious questions about the advisability of using coal tar as a sealant, the scientists say.