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Florida ADA Compliance

Does Your Parking Lot Meet Florida ADA Requirements?


Effective March 15, 2012, Florida state ADA laws were to more closely match the Federal ADA laws.

Americans with Disablities Act laws change often, making it difficult for property managers & property owners to know the requirements with which thier numerous parking lots must comply. It is also true that ADA codes can vary between municipalities, making compliance that much more challenging.  Yet, as owners and managers, you must comply with these parking lot signage, ramp and sidewalk regulations in order to avoid costly lawsuits.

Let Asphalt Maintenance and Repair help meet the ADA requirements your parking lots must adhere to:

  • ADA signage and line markings

  • Detectable warning systems

  • Accessible Route

  • Ramp requirements

  • Disabled and / or handicap parking signs


Did you receive a code violation for ADA compliance in your parking lot?

We have valuable experience to address state and municipal violations. Remember: regularly painting the lines and pavement markings is important for ensuring adherence to ADA requirements. Click for Free Estimate.


Looking for more information about The Americans With Disabilities Act? Visit

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