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Asphalt Mix and Mill on Location

Mix and Mill on location is a cost effective means of totally rehabilitating a failing parking lot or roadway without completely replacing it.  If your asphalt surface is experiencing large amounts of base and asphalt failure (depressions, pot holes alligator cracks), a full-depth reclamation may be an ideal fit for you. 

Using this process, we use specialized machinery to mechanically pulverize the asphalt and then we blend it on-site with the existing base material to produce a new base material. The newly-stabilized base is graded, compacted and paved with a new asphalt surface course resulting in a totally revitalized parking lot.

Pavement Problems That Can Be Treated By Full Depth Reclamation:

  • Cracking due to reflection, age, slippage, discontinuity, fatigue, as well as edge cracking, block cracking and longitudinal cracking

  • Swells and depressions

  • Ripples due to rutting, corrugations, and shoving

  • Stripping and separation of pavement layers

  • Disintegration caused by potholes, bleeding, and raveling

  • Excessive, low, or defective shoulder drop off

  • Insufficient structural capacity


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